Monday, February 23, 2015

In a nutshell

My life recently:

"Do you want a square hipster ice cube in that Coke?" my friend asked as she poured my drink during a recent party.

"Sure, and can you serve that in a Mason jar, just to make today's Oakland hipster experience complete," I replied.

"You realize that by leaving, you're likely to be engaged within the year," a friend commented while we were discussing dating and my move.

"A dog is expensive. It'll be at least six months before I'm financially ready to adopt one," I told a friend as we were discussing my pet-friendly apartment complex.

"I don't know, the way things are lining up for you, I expect a dog to show up on your doorstep as you're moving in," she replied.
"I went out to move my car this morning, and I was parked behind a Maserati. Who parks their Maserati on the street?" I asked a friend the other day.

"Really," she replied, "how messed up is San Francisco that the guy with the Maserati can't rent a parking space?"

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pitchers and catchers

All hail the gods of baseball, spring training has started! Pitchers and catchers reported yesterday, and it is now officially baseball season, the best time of year.

Scottsdale, 2012.
And yes, for anybody who's wondering, I will be schlepping all of my Giants paraphernalia to Washington, D.C., and I will be a Giants fan in exile. By moving to a National League city, I'll still get to see the team on at least one road trip a year, this year over Fourth of July. With fireworks that won't be obstructed by fog.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

On breaking up the band

Saying goodbye - even if it may only be temporary - has been hard. Saying goodbye to my choir has been hardest. I can't explain the power of belonging to one community for 10 years, but it's huge. They've been friends, family, and a large part of my support system for a long time, and telling them I'm leaving has been hard. I feel pretty guilty for breaking up the band.

But life changes and it's time for me to go. Before I leave, however, I'm going on tour one final time. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be hosting an iconic SF hike, an East Bay bike ride, a pub night downtown, and choir karaoke. I'll be visiting some of San Francisco's most well known landmarks, and maybe a few that are under the radar. Want to join me? Email me for details.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Into the woods

I sat on my sister's couch the week of Thanksgiving and researched an awesome-sounding job in a somewhat remote location on the shores of the Potomac River. I spent a couple of hours looking at maps, pouring over the website, and fretting about the skills I lacked. I didn't feel like I stacked up well against the job description, and I didn't really want a 20-mile each way car commute, so in the end, I didn't apply.

Until a few weeks ago, when, armed with some skills upgrades, I found out that this job was still open. More research, more map-reading, and an application later, I had an interview. It was scheduled for the day after I submitted my information.

We chatted for an hour over the phone, and since I was planning to be in DC anyway, we made an in-person interview date for the first week of Feb.

The interview lasted two hours, and included a hike/tour of their historic-register site and grounds. I saw a slave cabin. A farmhouse. A couple of restored wetland habitats along the Potomac. And a lot of possibility.
Fall here will be amazing.
They also saw possibility, and a kindred spirit in their environmental/cultural preservation work. I think I'll be a great fit with their team, and I can't wait to get started. I leave San Francisco in four weeks. I'm excited and sad and so stoked for a fresh start.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hill repeats

Once a week for the past couple of years, I ride up a hill. Several times. Being consistent about hill repeats has made me a much stronger cyclist.

Knowing to stop sometimes and admire the view has made me a much happier person.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Sunrise over the Potomac

A jetlagged and stress-fueled early morning has never looked so good.

Friday, January 30, 2015

What I think about when I think about moving

Though I've shipped myself and my stuff across the country several times in the last 15 years, this is the first full-scale, entire apartment move I've done since leaving New Mexico for California in 2001. I'd forgotten about all the little details. Here's a peek at the internal moving monologue.
  • Am I cheating myself by shipping my car rather than driving across the country?
  • Do I need an in-home mover's estimate, or is the inventory spreadsheet sufficient for a studio apartment?
  • How quickly will I run out of tape? 
  • Does this painting need another layer of bubble wrap?
  • Why can't I buy good moving boxes at Target? And why are boxes so stupid expensive?
  • Can I manage to deep clean my apartment myself? Is hiring a cleaner worth getting my full deposit back? 
  • Can I really get this all done in time?
  • I'm on a roll with labeling all the boxes very specifically. How long will that last?
It's worth noting that I have only packed about a dozen boxes, and a dozen more boxes are in my car that I'm waiting to haul upstairs until I have some room to stack them someplace. I have to make another run to Goodwill before I'll have the space to stack some boxes.